A sceptic's story: David tries Turmeric+

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Author Gill Shaffer Last updated 28th June 2019

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A sceptic's story: David tries Turmeric+
David Mullins has always been a sceptical man. When his friend Colin recommended Turmeric+, he wasn't convinced – until he experienced it for himself.

David served in the navy and in his spare time has been a free-fall skydiver and aerobatic pilot. At 79 he's keen to keep up with his exercise routine: 'I go to a gym twice a week for a sauna, steam and swim,' he says. 'I try to swim half a mile on a Tuesday and half a mile on a Friday.' He also loves gardening and taking walks with his wife.

However, he has recently been slowing down: 'I've started to limit my walking. My wife and I love walking, but I'm held back a bit recently.'

David feels the benefit of Turmeric+David feels the benefit of Turmeric+
David was a sceptic, but now swears by Turmeric+
At a house party he happened to mention this to his friend Colin, who suggested trying Turmeric+, our easy-to-absorb curcumin supplement1, with added vitamin C.

'He said “You should try this Dave”. I've never been into quackery, which I thought this was, but I said I'd give it a try. A couple of days later he dropped the tablets round.'

'The only reason I started was because my wife said that I should, since Colin had gone to all that trouble.'

After about two weeks he started taking longer walks. Although he felt a difference, ever sceptical David attributed the change to his body's natural ability to repair itself and, after his monthly supply ran out, he decided not to order more Turmeric+.

'I thought it was coincidental, so I had no intention of replacing them. A couple of weeks later my walking range became less, and I thought “I wonder if it's those bloody tablets that helped”. I ordered a further supply from FutureYou and the rest is history.

'I can easily do a mile and a half,' he says. 'My wife and I like to go to National Trust places – there's usually a lot of stairs and long walks. The turmeric has made life a lot easier in that way.'

'With my swimming I was setting off and doing five or six lengths. Now I almost complete my full 32 lengths.'

Dr. Miriam Ferrer explains the advantages of the Turmeric+ formulation: 'It is well known that curcumin [the active ingredient in turmeric] is poorly absorbed in the gut2. In our supplement we combine curcumin with lecithin to prevent it being destroyed in the stomach3. This allows it to be absorbed and distributed around the body.'

'I feel like I've really got something here,' says David. 'It's great.'

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