No more sleepless nights: Paul tries supplement for older men

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Author Gill Shaffer Last updated 17th July 2019

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No more sleepless nights: Paul tries supplement for older men
When Paul Colman's doctor told him that he had an enlarged prostate and gave him medication, he started taking even more of an interest in his body and searching for additional ways to look after his wellbeing. His research led him to XY Pro+.

Paul, who lives in Norfolk, is a retired area representative for a large car manufacturer. He loves to travel to Yorkshire and take trips around East Anglia. With a family history of heart health problems – but also relatives who have lived well into their old age – he is very keen to take care of his body to keep enjoying life.

After his trip to the doctor he discovered XY Pro+ while reading about lycopene, a compound present in tomatoes, which form a key part of the healthy Mediterranean diet.

Paul feels the benefit of XY Pro
Paul feels the benefit of XY Pro

Paul noticed a difference after one month
'When my father-in-law was sent to see a specialist, he was told to eat a lot of tomatoes – he was 68 at the time and two weeks ago he reached 90 years old. I did my own research and found out that lycopene from tomatoes is definitely a good thing to take.'

'If you want to satisfy yourself, go on Google and put in lycopene and look at what comes up. After reading about it I thought “Why not? I'll try them.”'

Although Paul had researched the product, he also decided to base any long-term commitment to taking lycopene on his personal experience.

'I thought if it's any good then I'll notice something, and after only about a month I realised that I had started getting up less at night. Normally I was having to go to the lavatory three times, now it was only once.'

'Before, it could take up to half an hour to empty my bladder. I had to stop, then I'd have the time to walk about and think about things before I could go back and finish. Now it can be as little as seven or eight minutes.'

Paul feels confident in his decision to continue with XY Pro+ because of the amount of research that has gone into creating LactoLycopene, the easy-to-absorb form of lycopene that is used to make XY Pro+1. 'It was the link up with Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge and the University of Cambridge2 that gave it an air of being genuine, properly researched and produced,' he says.

For some time Paul has made supplements a regular part of his routine, not to be missed, and after experiencing it for himself XY Pro+ now takes pride of place. 'I've been taking XY Pro+ for a long time now. I take them religiously, every morning after breakfast.'

'I've found FutureYou to be a very professional outfit who thoroughly test all their supplements. They have won my trust.'

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