Feeling energetic: Annabel keeps on dancing with Magnesium+

Author Gill Shaffer Last updated 7th June 2019

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Feeling energetic: Annabel keeps on dancing with Magnesium+

To say Annabel Simons lives an active life would be an understatement. Her week begins with a Fitsteps class with Ian Waite of Strictly Come Dancing followed by a tennis lesson, so it's no surprise that she sometimes feels fatigued.

At 60, she wanted to make sure she had enough energy to enjoy her favourite activities to the full. That led her to Magnesium+, the most popular supplement in our energy range.

At first, Annabel wasn't sure it was working but after taking Magnesium+ for less than a month she began to notice changes: 'The energy factor is something that builds. It took about three weeks of taking magnesium daily before I could honestly say I felt less tired,' she says.

Woman stood by trees and lake
Annabel Simmons now takes Magnesium+ daily

'I first noticed because of the Fitsteps class and tennis lesson. Before I took Magnesium+ I was exhausted and so by Tuesday evening I was asleep on the sofa. Now I have no problem. In actual fact I have taken another dance class on Tuesday evening.'

The essential mineral
Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body, and is needed for many of the cellular functions that keep our body working. It reduces tiredness and fatigue, plays a key role in cell growth, contributes to muscle function and maintains bones and teeth 1, 2.

It is no surprise that Annabel felt a difference from getting a top-up of this essential mineral, since the amount in our diet has been decreasing in recent decades 3, 4. Experts believe this is driven by multiple factors, including modern farming techniques and the fact we now choose to eat more refined food products. Moreover, our bodies naturally find it more difficult to absorb magnesium as we get older 5.

To counteract these issues Magnesium+ contains a formulation called magnesium lactate, which makes the mineral easier to absorb 6.

Magnesium isn't just helping to keep Annabel dancing; she's also noticing other benefits. 'I have never had a sleep problem – I don't take long to drop off – but my sleep is definitely deeper and I seem to require less,' she says. 'I am often awake at 6am now and I wake up feeling more refreshed, whereas before I still felt tired even after eight hours' sleep. Getting up, I was often achey in my bones and that seems to be much reduced or, dare I say it, gone completely!'

She even felt the difference on a recent holiday.'I have recently come back from a holiday in Corfu where I did a daily mountain walk with no problem, and yet last year that same walk would have been too much. I wouldn't want to stop taking Magnesium+ as I can see a real change in my energy since I started taking daily supplements.'

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