Our environmental pledge

Protecting your health and our planet

Our mission is to help people live longer, healthier lives. That means we’re also committed to looking after the natural world that nurtures us all.

Turmeric root in the ground dug by hand

Sustainable sourcing

Our precious natural resources must be preserved for future generations, so we obtain our ingredients from sustainable sources whenever possible.

The supplier of the rare ingredient Boswellia serrata, found in Cool Joints+, has been working to increase sustainable harvesting practices in Madhya Pradesh, India, since 2015.

Our popular turmeric supplement is sourced from a supplier who has been ISO14001-certified since 2010, guaranteeing they have a high-quality management system to control their environmental impact and reduce pollution and waste over time.

The krill oil used in Omega-3+ is from a sustainable and traceable source, and is harvested using eco-friendly technology, reducing the risk of bycatch. Our supplier is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council and all catches are reported to the Commission on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources.

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A second life for packaging

We endeavour to make our packaging green. We work with companies that produce recyclable and biodegradable packaging. Our cartons and leaflets are all recyclable, as are our postal packs which are also FSC® and PEFC certified. These postal packs are frequently optimised to further reduce the amount of board used.

We’ve focused our efforts on printing products in a responsible way by removing the nasty chemicals in the plate making process, using alcohol-free inks with good vegetable content.

More than half of recyclable waste ends up in landfill or is destroyed in the UK. We think the best way to prevent more waste going into the ground is to prevent it being created in the first place. We’re changing some of our single packs to fit more supplements as a way of cutting down on packaging and delivery miles, and are proactively searching for a biodegradable alternative to the blisters we use for our capsules.

Bikes in Cambridge

Cutting down on carbon

We’re encouraging customers to help reduce the carbon footprint of their purchases. Subscribers can help eliminate waste by amending subscriptions to receive multiple packs in each order. By getting two months of a chosen supplement in a single delivery, delivery miles will halve and it also helps us save more than 3,000 kilograms of cardboard and paper every year.

Finally, since we’re based in the cycling capital of Cambridge it’s no surprise that most of us cycle to work every day, some further than others. One of the team has a daily round trip of 32 miles on their bike.