FutureYou Health Hong Kong| Tomato Family Donation Fund


FutureYou Health Hong Kong| Tomato Family Donation Fund

FutureYou Health understands the importance of giving back, we enjoy helping our local community in any way we can especially through our Tomato Family Donation Fund to support and help with the fantastic work and challenges undertaken in the local community by  Hong Kong charities.

The FutureYou Health Tomato Family Donation Fund is created via our different retailing platforms with the support of our customers who through their purchasing of our vitamins and health supplements it generates the funding to support local charities.

Even in these unprecedented and uncertain times, we to are doing our part to help businesses and organisations promote a healthy wellbeing culture to its employees be it for immunity, health, dietary or allergy intolerances. Healthy Employees, Healthy business and our KeepingYou Healthy Campaign is focused to help businesses and organisations further raise awareness of health and wellbeing in the workplace and at home.

The KeepingYou Healthy Initiative is free for any business to register and provides their employees, their partners and family easy access to a complete range of vitamins and health supplements to support their lifestyle and staying healthier through this Covid-19 pandemic.

But the good news doesn’t stop there as we are also supporting from their purchases a charitable donation for their business or organisations in-house charity, nominated charity or donated to our Tomato Family Donation Fund.

Please feel to contact FutureYou Health if you would like our assistance or help with your event or charity by emailing futureyouhealth@futureyouhealthhk.co