Future You KeepingYou Healthy Initiative

FutureYou Health is proud to introduce our KeepingYou Healthy Initiative for all businesses and organisations no matter how large or small or how many employees. The KeepingYou Healthy Initiative is Free to register created to help support your employees and their families have a healthier lifestyle.

Why register and what are the benefits for the KeepingYou Healthy Initiative?

Firstly, we partner with your human resources team with articles on Health and Wellbeing which you can communicate internally to keep your employees updated on a healthy lifestyle and the benefits. Healthy Employees, Healthy Business or Organisation.

Secondly, through the support for our initiative we have committed to an exclusive discount offer for your employees, their partners and family on any purchases of our health supplements helping their spending go further in keeping healthy.   

But the good news doesn’t stop there, the KeepingYou Healthy Initiative is in addition supporting your business or organisation with a charitable donation either for your in-house charity, a nominated charity of your choice or through our own Tomato Family Donation Fund .

Paul Skelcher, Managing Director, Hydroplast water soluble alternative solutions to plastic commented  “It’s really fantastic that this new KeepingYou Healthy Initiative is providing much needed assistance and support to our employees and their families in maintaining a healthy lifestyle” going on Paul commented “we have joined the Keeping You Healthy community not just because it’s completely free but in addition to helping our employees this initiative also has a donation scheme to help Hydroplast with our charitable work in the community” 

For more information register your business or organisation FREE today and join our growing community helping their employees, their families and the community  futureyouhealth@futureyouhealthhk.co