Meet our team

Our Cambridge-based team has grown to more than 30 people, from leading scientists and medical experts to our award-winning customer care team.

Meet some of the people behind the scenes here at FutureYou Cambridge.

Adam Cleevely, CEO
"People want supplements that really work, and they value friendly and sympathetic service." Adam, CEO

Adam Cleevely

Chief Executive Officer

One of the things Adam likes about being CEO is being in a position to build a company that people enjoy coming to work for.

A passionate cyclist and foodie, Adam went to the University of Oxford to gain a MEng in Engineering, Economics and Management before returning to his native Cambridge, where he worked at the Cambridge biotech success story Abcam.

Starting out with just a team of four, Adam’s vision was to create a health supplement company that made a positive difference to people’s lives, not only for customers but for the people who work there too – a place that felt friendly, inspiring, supportive and relaxed.

It helps being based in a city like Cambridge, rich with exceptional academic talent and bright and friendly people – just the place to develop cutting-edge nutritional supplements and establish a world-class customer care team.

And this all makes a positive difference to customers in ways that really matter.

Gill Shaffer, Communications Manager
“I love the feedback from our customers, hearing how our health supplements have helped improve their lives. It makes communicating to the wider world a real pleasure.”

Gill Shaffer, Communications Manager

Gill Shaffer

Communications Manager

Gill is an experienced public relations and communications practitioner who has worked in the industry both in-house and consultancy.

She helps raise our profile through running our media office, finessing content, launching events and developing partnerships.

Gill really enjoys communicating the benefits of our product range to both new and existing consumers.

Our scientific advisory board

Miriam Ferrer PhD
“Our customers can feel confident that they’re getting the very best nutritional supplements.” Miriam, Head of Product Development

Miriam Ferrer

Head of Product Development

Once her son became old enough to eat at the table, Miriam was passionately determined he’d always have a healthy diet.

That’s partly the influence of her Mediterranean background - where good food made with the best ingredients brings many health benefits.

As our Head of Product Development, Miriam combines the same passion for ingredients with her scientific expertise to develop exceptional quality supplements.

Miriam did a PhD in cancer biology at Free University Amsterdam before spending three years on post-doctoral research at the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge. She then went on to become Product Manager at leading biotech firm Abcam for six years before joining our team.

“I feel privileged that I’m able to use my science background to find high-quality ingredients backed by research from top international institutions,” says Miriam.


Max Gowland

Chief Scientific Officer

Max’s passion is to help the over 50s stay healthy and stay active. He holds a PhD in amino acid chemistry from Nottingham University and has held numerous senior directorships with global companies such as Procter & Gamble and Reckitt Benckiser.

He set up and ran Prime Fifty Ltd for seven years, a company dedicated to the health, wellbeing and longevity of the over 50s. As Chief Scientific Officer, Max works with the team to develop innovative products within the entire product range. He is a regular presenter on QVC TV, helping consumers demystify supplements by explaining the ins and outs of health and nutrition.

Aidan Goggins

Aidan is a pioneer of the ‘modern day medicine’ movement. This is based on the idea that, to treat the underlying causes of disease, you first need to seek out and treat nutritional deficiencies in the body.

This movement is based on the idea that to treat the underlying causes of disease, you should first seek out and treat nutritional deficiencies in the body. He is passionate about finding holistic approaches that combine medicine and nutrition, with dramatic reductions in side effects and improved health outcomes.

His desire to bridge the gap between nutrition and medicine was the catalyst for his award-winning book The Health Delusion and the international bestseller The Sirtfood Diet.

A pharmacist with a Masters degree in Nutritional Medicine from the University of Surrey – one of the highest regarded, evidence-based postgraduate nutrition courses in the world – Aidan is now considered one of Europe’s most influential nutrition experts, with clients ranging from doctors to Fortune 500 companies to celebrities.

A fitness enthusiast, he also specialises in sports nutrition and his dietary expertise underpins the success of many sporting superstars.

Professor Michael Heinrich

Michael Heinrich is Professor of Ethnopharmacology and Medicinal Plant Research (Pharmacognosy) at University College London School of Pharmacy, and was previously the head of the research cluster there.

He currently serves as the joint chair of UCL’s Research Ethics Committee and has been awarded the prestigious Eminent Fellowship of the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

As the author of more than 300 published peer-reviewed papers, Michael is widely cited and recognised as an expert in the field of medicinal plant research.

His key areas of interest include the prevention and early stage management of diabetes and cancer chemoprevention based on the use of traditional medicines, as well as best practice in the supply of herbal medical products/botanicals.

Mr Peter Kirkpatrick

Peter Kirkpatrick is our medical advisor. He is a senior specialist neurosurgeon at Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

The hospital is affiliated with the University of Cambridge and makes up part of the research-based Cambridge Biomedical Campus.

Peter is a leading expert on strokes and arterial and vascular disease affecting the brain, and has published more than 200 studies. He is also president of the Cambridgeshire branch of Headway, the brain injury charity, and has been a major fundraiser for their work.

His contribution to the analysis of research on our Ateronon Heart+ supplement, and advice on our future research priorities, is invaluable.

Working in Partnership – balancing global and local strategies

Cambridge Nutraceutical through its strategic alliances world wide is working with its local partners to provide our customers with premium health vitamins and supplements.

Cambridge Nutraceutical has appointed Av8vision as its strategic alliance partner for Hong Kong and Asia Pacific delivering a local presence for our range of  health  vitamins and supplements supported by all our resources here in the UK.