A Suffolk dog tries Curcupet-K9: Branston's story

Author Gill Shaffer Last updated 30th May 2019

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A Suffolk dog tries Curcupet-K9: Branston's story
Jenny Meyers, a former health visitor from Bury St Edmunds, was keen to try Curcupet-K9 on Branston, her twelve-year-old chocolate Labrador.

Jenny lives with her scientist husband Nick and three daughters Aimee, Elena and Philippa and their beloved family dog. However, like many older Labradors, Branston started to slow down as he got older.

'Branston was no longer climbing upstairs to check I was out of bed in the mornings,' says Jenny.

After discovering our turmeric supplement, which is specifically developed for dogs, Branston is chasing balls and is keen for a walk.

'It's almost a year since he last tackled the stairs, but now he's started coming up again in the morning to check I've surfaced. We think there's been a dramatic change.'

A proven formulation
Branston the Chocolate Labrador playing with a ball
Branston the chocolate labrador after Curcupet-K9
Here at FutureYou we've long sold a scientifically proven product for humans, Turmeric+. It contains curcumin – the active ingredient from this ancient Indian spice – in a patented formulation.

Branston the Chocolate Labrador playing with a ball

Not long after launching Turmeric+ we started to receive interesting feedback as recalled by our CEO, Adam Cleevely:

'Many customers started telling us that they were giving Turmeric+ to their pets after experiencing it for themselves – horses, cats, even a parrot in one case. However, most of them were sharing it with their dogs.

'We know that dogs in the UK are living longer, just like their owners, and the feedback was so positive that we created Curcupet-K9 as a special version of our proven turmeric formulation.

Curcupet-K9 is a version of the Turmeric+ formulation that is designed specifically for pets. It is easy to absorb, works in a natural way, and delivers the right amount of the active ingredient for dogs.

'We're absolutely thrilled that customers like Jenny are so happy with Curcupet-K9, and that older dogs in the UK are staying happy and active,' says Adam.